PP Woven Ground Cover, Weed Mat, Polypropylene Ground Cover, Weed Barrier Fabric

The fine quality ground cover produced by JH Hortitech is from 100% virgin polypropylene.  This UV stabilized, strong, heavy duty and durable fabric is resistant to tearing, puncturing and in most circumstances it's used as weed barrier or landscape fabric. Providing more than just tough fabric though, this ground cover is also permeable, allowing necessary water and nutrients to pass through and nourish your plants.  It is also resistant to attack by mildew and bacteria and most of the ground insect. The white ground cover has perfect reflective property to light and will dramatically improve the light condition in your greenhouse, while black ground cover are widely used as weed barrier in outdoor nuseries and farms.


Color:                       white, black, green or as requested
Material:                   Polypropylene 100% new

Model:                   G100N / G130N / G100S / G100P / G100B

Weight:                    100/120/130/160180 g/m2
Roll Width:                2m, 3m, 4m, 5m or other sizes as requested
Roll Length:              100m up to 500m

Marking line:             green, blue, white or as requested


Why the JH polypropylene ground covers are different from others? 

1. Its special polypropylene woven technology allows water to drain quickly without getting trapped and air flow can pass easily which brings another advantage that the soil under the fabric will not get hardened after covered for years. This is a crucial factor that growers need to consider. Ordinary polypropylene woven fabric doesn't provide this feature.  

2.  The polypropylene 100% new raw yarns to produce JH quality ground cover are UV well stabilized, which makes the fabric more durable after years of traffic use.  

Advantages brought by JH Polypropyelene Ground Cover

  • - Prevents weeds growth in greenhouses, nurseries and orchards.
  • - Saves water and reduces the need for the use of herbicides.

  • - Smothers weeds and simultaneously boosts plant growth.

  • - Helps the soil to breathe as air and water can pass through.

  • - High resistance to sun radiation and longer life time.