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Insect netting plays an important role in crop protection. It has proven to be an effective measure to keep harmful insects outside or to retain useful insects inside the greenhouse. By installing netting in roof vents, the chance of an insect infestation is reduced. Pesticides are not necessary anymore, resulting in a cleaner crop.

JH Hortitech anti-insect net can keep your plants healthy and happy by defending them against insects and pest of any shape or size. Cover whole structures with a UV-resistant insect screen or use one of the easy-to-install net tunnels and cover individual garden rows against potential infestations.

Specifications & Features

* Material: virgin HDPE and UV resistant

* Color: Transparent or white.etc

* Width: Max width 5m

* Mesh: 50*25, 40*25, 40*40, etc

* Weight : 100-130gsm.etc

Anti-insect Net 

The anti-insect net made by JH Hortitech is an ideal material to be used to build a net chamber or net house.

* Sturdy, traditional net house structure for horticulture and floriculture with the added benefit of rain protection.

* Well suited for growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers in hot, rainy climates. (15 to 40 °C).

* Available as: various widths, 4.0m height and various lengths. Based on modules of 4m x 8m.* 

* Manufactured from high quality, 50 mesh anti-insect netting on fully galvanized structural and support steel poles, steel cables and metal wire.

Accordion Insect Net

JH Hortitech adopts advanced sewing technique to process insect net into accordion shape which is called accordion insect net or window insect net. The material is different from normal anti-insect net. It can reach perfect performance against various insects while actually will affect the window ventilation as little as possible. The airflow in the greenhouse becomes more constant because the netting breaks up the wind, and the plants will move less. The netting keeps rain out so you can ventilate for longer. Light is essential. Our quality accordion insect net ensures the light intensity remains at a maximum in the greenhouse.