Shade Net, Shade Fabric, Shade Coverings, Sunshade Cloth

JH Hortitech provides  high quality knitted shade cloth for greenhouses, nurseries and other growers. The lightweight material is made of UV resistant, high-density polyethylene that resists rips, tears and fraying. This lightweight cloth is 20-25% lighter than woven shade cloth with an open lockstitch design to reduce wind speed and heat buildup. 

Advantages of knitted shade cloth:

* Better ventilation and water permeable. Open lockstitch design reduces wind speed and heat buildup in structure

* Lightweight and easy to install. 20-25% lighter than woven shade cloth with dramatically more strength. Can be cut on site and will not ravel

* Reduce soil moisture loss. Less evaporation
* Tough lockstitch knitted construction. Resists rips, tears and fraying. Shade levels remain constant during product life.
* Cost effective. Minimal edge taping and swing thanks to knitted lockstitch

* UV protection. UV resistant, high density polyethylene

* Chemical resistant. Resists most horticultural chemicals, sprays and detergents.

Mono-knit Shade Net

Mono-knit black shade net uses the new knitting technology with stronger monofilament HDPE yarns to knit together a truly rugged fabric that lasts for years. Being knitted, it will not fray when cut. The avaiable colors are black, white. White mono-knit shade net can produce a harmony diffused light which can improve light condition inside greenhouses.

Tape-knit Shade Net

Tape-knit shade net used the exact same knitting technology with mono-knitted shade net but with light HDPE tapes.