Premium Black Ground Cover G100P
Premium Black Ground Cover G100P

Different from white ground cover, the black ground cover is mostly used outdoor green area such as gardens, slopes, tree nurseries, garden centres and landscaping. It's a weed control fabric made from UV stabilised polypropylene tape forming a barrier to light and root growth. We can provide you two models, the premium and the ordinary.

The JH premium black ground cover 100g premium is a close-meshed fabric with a unique woven structure. It has excellent water premeability, reaching as high as 10l/m2/s. This advantage keeps the soil moist and prevent ground from dry and hardening. 


Color:                       black
Material:                   Polypropylene 100% new 

Weight:                    100/120/130/160/180 g/m2
Roll Width:                4m, 5m or other sizes as requested
Roll Length:              100m up to 500m, or in small piece as requested

Marking line:             green, blue, white or as requested

Differences Between Premium Model and Ordinary Model 

1. Performance & Structure

Premium black ground cover is produced with special polypropylene woven technology that allows water to drain quickly without getting trapped and air flow can pass easily which brings another advantage that the soil under the fabric will not get hardened after covered for years. This is a important factor that growers need to consider. Ordinary black model doesn't provide this feature. 

2. Weaving process 

Premium black model  is produced by flat loom while ordinary black model is produced by circular loom. Due to different production efficiency, delivery time of premium model will take a little longer time than ordinary model.

Despite of the differences, both models uses 100% pure new polypropylene raw materials adding UV stabilized ingredients to reach the maximum long service life. Typically the ground cover is packed in rolls protected by plastic bag, short piece packing can also be provided upon request. Please contact our professional sales team to get information of loading quantity in 20' or 40' container based on different sizes.