Roll Up Side Screen A/W
Roll Up Side Screen A/W

Greenhouse Blackout Screen, Light Abatement Screens, Energy Saving, Side Rolling Screen

In greenhouse horticulture, we increasingly depend on artificial electric lighting for production purposes – to help crops grow on a precise schedule, throughout the year and in spite of varying natural light levels. However, the benefits of supplemental lighting also come with drawbacks.  The escape of supplemental light from the greenhouse is becoming a growing source of light pollution, as the number of artificially lit greenhouse acres increase.

This is especially true for vegetable and cannabis greenhouses that are increasing their supplemental lighting usage, and the rapid expansion of greenhouse-based cannabis production means a lot of greenhouses are lit up after dark.

Nocturnal light from greenhouses can interfere with nearby airport operations, create ecological issues for sensitive animal populations, negatively impact light-sensitive crops in adjacent greenhouse facilities, and disrupt people's sleep patterns in nearby residential communities. The only sure way to prevent reflected supplemental light from leaving the greenhouse is to physically block it. This is accomplished through the use of horizontal, retractable light abatement screens installed at gutter height (or otherwise above the light fixtures). Vertical, retractable light-restricting screens should also be utilized along the greenhouse sidewalls to block light from all directions.

HI-100C A/W is a strong fabric with one aluminum face and one white face. The aluminum face will reflect light from inside while white face will reflect light from outside. It can block 100% light and reach dramatic energy-saving effect. Typicially it is installed on greenhouse sidewalls using a rolling system that is easy to open and close. 

 Product Data



 Greenhouse sidewall

 Main Function

 Light deprivation, energy-saving


 Side rolling




 Aluminum/White faces



 Flame retardant


 Warranty description

 Five years 

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