Shading Aluminum Screen
Shading Aluminum Screen

Aluminum Energy Saving, Light Reflective, Flame Retardant

Sun shading aluminum screen HI-Alu FRis knitted with special fire-proof aluminum and transparent strips, which can effectively cools the greenhouse by reflecting sunlight and create a diffused light to protect crops. The aluminum screens are engineered to reflect the infrared radiation given off by the structure, the benches and the plants back into your greenhouse which is especially important during the winter. It's a highly UV stabilized product with excellent anti-static properties. It can be made with open or closed structure. Open structure allows airflow. During the night it helps reduce radiated heat loss from the plants, minimizing the formation of dew on the crop and the risk of fungal diseases. In cool climates it's often combined with an energy saving screen at night.

 Product Data

 Sun Shading Aluminum Screen HI-Alu FR


 Inside greenhouse

 Main Function

 Sunlight shading and energy saving


 Hanging and Sliding


 High quality aluminum and polyester strips


 HI-Alu 55FR: 1 Alu - 1 Transparent

 HI-Alu 55VFR: 1 Alu - 1 Open - 1 Alu - 1 Open - 1 Alu - 1 Transparant

 HI-Alu 60FR: 2 Alu - 1 Transparent - 2 Alu - 1 Transparent - 1 Alu - 1 Transparent

 HI-Alu 60VFR: 2 Alu - 1 Open - 2 Alu - 1 Open - 1 Alu - 1 Open

 HI-Alu 65FR: 2 Alu - 1 Transparant - 2 Alu - 1 Transparant - 1 Alu - 1 Transparant

 HI-Alu 75FR: 3 Alu - 1 Transparent

 HI-Alu 75VFR: 3 Alu - 1 Open


 White yarns

 Flame retardant


 Warranty description

 Five years under all types of greenhouse covering

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