Promoting plant health with screens

Promoting plant health with screens

Our technical team emphasizes the importance of using climate screens to empower the plant, with three important goals: controlling the greenhouse humidity, creating a uniform greenhouse climate, and limiting heat emission.

"Humidity has always been seen as a problem. You can use a climate screen to control the humidity at night better was a huge eye-opener. This has led to more efficient use of screens and creating a more even greenhouse climate; by no longer creating gaps with the screen but by ventilating above the screen to discharge more humidity. This has led to considerably more screen hours, reducing energy consumption in combination with a powerful and healthy crop."

Another important breakthrough from the Plant Empowerment philosophy is using screens against heat emission.

"When the sun goes down and the supply of energy drops, the warm crop radiates energy to the cold greenhouse roof. The (partial) closing of the screen protects the crop from heat emission. This results in a healthier crop because stronger cells are created, and there is less risk of excessive root pressure and condensation at the top of the crop. This significantly reduces the risk of fungal infestation and quality problems. Climate screens are therefore not only good for insulation, but they also protect the crop against heat emission."